Shawn’s Tools

Shawn’s focal point to engaging individuals and groups comes from four areas he developed from his years of experience working with leaders.

The areas that Shawn focuses on are also the primary talking points for his speeches.

Me vs Me is about dealing with the disconnect from how you see yourself and how others see you.

The first area is decisions and self-reflection and Shawn uses his Me vs Me format. This focal point addresses the need to understand the importance of decisions and how your life is dictated by the decisions you make and not by the circumstances that happen to you.

theBLUEPRINTtm is designed to help you focus on the planning and execution of your goals.

The second area is resiliency which Shawn uses the four components of his “theBLUEPRINTtm” program to address. You can make the best decisions in the world but you have to be able to bounce back when those decisions do not give you the outcome you expected. Sometimes you cannot prevent being knocked down but you have to have the wherewithal to get back up.

Enduring the climb helps you develop to tools to get you past your peak (Mountain Climbing).

The third area is having a vision. You can make decisions, you can have resiliency but with no game plan, you might find yourself constantly making decisions that knock you down and testing your resiliency to get back up. It is said that a dream without a plan is just that, a dream. However, when you take that dream and give a game plan you have a vision.

The programs Me vs Me, theBLUEPRINTtm, and Mountain Climber are each standalone programs but when used together are even more effective. However, all of the programs together are time intensive. Also, keep in mind, each program is mentally challenging so it is recommended to take a pause between each program if you decide to complete all three.

Many people have a desire to help others, Passion to 501-c3, helps individuals start a non-profit from inception to sustainability.

Over the years Shawn’s success as a non-profit founder and administrator has allowed him to cross paths when many people who have similar intentions. Shawn has put together his knowledge of operating a non-profit from inception to sustainability into one package. This is ideal for anyone that has a passion to run a non-profit at the grassroots level.