Over the years Shawn has taken the time to craft his ability to help people generate solutions to problem areas in their life. This experience started as a community organizer that lead to bringing residents together to discuss tough issues and find common ground. His passion led to hosting community discussions that brought people of different backgrounds together. These discussions around hot-button issues were made possible through Shawn’s reputation as a skilled facilitator and problem solver.


Shawn’s interest in problem-solving and family led to him serving family court as a volunteer family court mediator. Shawn continued his path to learning how to help people when he earned a graduate degree in conflict management which gave him the tools to assist people on a wider range of issues. Feeling the desire to learn more he earned a Masters in conflict management from one of the few universities in the country that offer the degree. This experience and knowledge allowed him to coach individuals and groups to solution based outcomes.


As the Intrapersonal Conflict Specialist, Shawn’s approach to helping people is part tenacity of a fitness coach with the ability to help people see a different perspective on the situation. This different perspective is used to assist individuals generate solutions. The solutions are implemented by the individual supported by Shawn whose role in the process transitions to accountability coach. After the implementation, Shawn works with the individual to assess the success and proceed accordingly.

Dr. Gardner’s Passion to Coach

Linette Posey, RN

I’ve known Shawn Gardner for many years and have always admired his tenacity for helping others. Besides being a personal friend, his recent journey to becoming Dr. Shawn Gardner was just another reason for me to inquire if he could assist me with reaching a personal goal to start a nonprofit organization. I wasn’t exactly sure what type of nonprofit I would start or what avenue I should take, but I knew Dr. Gardner was the founder of a successful nonprofit organization and could assist me with starting my organization. All I knew is that I had a passion and desire to help people. I knew I needed someone who would be able to keep me focused, not allow me to procrastinate, which I’ve been know to do, and become completely organized.


Dr. Gardner has scheduled multiple teleconferences with me, given me assignments to complete toward achieving my goals, pushed me when I really didn’t want to be pushed and provided constructive criticism (correction). He’s passionate about his work and being able to assist others in making their dreams come true. I truly believe the accountability he provides is a great source of motivation to keep me moving forward on this journey. In a moment of transparency, I’ve gotten off track at times, but Dr. Gardner is always there to steer me back to task. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am to have Dr. Gardner as a mentor and friend. I look forward to the continued mentoring and the establishment of my nonprofit organization.